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Farm Bureau Bank News Credit Card Tips for College Students

September, 2017

College is a time for learning- so why not learn about responsible credit card usage? Whether you already have a credit card or are thinking about getting one, these tips will help you use a credit card while you navigate through college.

  • One credit card is enough

    You already have enough on your plate with studying, finals, and all-nighters- there's no need to add more to it with multiple credit cards to keep track of. One card, you can use and monitor weekly, is enough to build up your credit.

  • Remain below your limit

    It is important to keep your balance well below the limit on the card. Constantly nearing or reaching your credit limit decreases your creditworthiness and shows that you cannot pay off the balance.

  • Pay your statements in full and on-time

    Paying your statement in full means you won't carry over a balance to the next statement and will not be charged any interest fees. Remember, interest is charged on any amount of the statement balance that is rolled over to the next month. It is also extremely important to pay your statement on time to avoid a late fee. Multiple late fees can decrease your credit score.

  • Charge what you can afford

    This may be the toughest restraint to use with a credit card. It is easy to swipe your card and splurge, but charging more than you can afford can lead to interest charges. It is important to spend within your means.

  • Check your balance and activity once a week

    When you are not paying with cash, it is easy to lose track of spending. Checking your balance once a week allows you to monitor your spending and adjust for the remainder of the month. Also, checking your account weekly is a great way to detect any fraud that may have occurred on your card.

While college may seem like the years before "adulthood", it is an important time to start building your future. Credit determines your ability to rent an apartment, buy a home, receive lower insurance payments, and more. If you use a credit card responsibly throughout college, you will be ahead of the game after graduation with positive credit history.

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